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Stones for St. Matthew's

In the days which followed, from phone to faxes, I discovered that the smooth gray stones which he brought up from Gower Bay at the base of the cliff is also where Saint Illtyd's Anglican Church has stood since the 800's. Alan Glass is a member of this Church where Reverend Robert Morgan is the Minister. Alan had spoken to Reverand Morgan of my request and to Alans' delight the two churches will now be twinning. St. Matthews by this time was aware of what I was after and I was given their permission to carry on.

Two weeks to installation, the window waits… no stones. One week to installation, Friday April 14th, the stones arrive! The first time in my life I hug the Mailman. Said, "He didn't mind". Saturday April 15th 5:00pm, Reverand Carol Canton and many of the parishioners of St Matthews come to the Studio to witness the blessing of the stones. Thursday afternoon my call goes out to Eric Lumley, "We have finished the window". We, being myself, Leona Pritchard, my partner Jack Williams and my good friend Jan Tereszczenko, who was indispensable to me on this window.

Artist wth CrossInstallation happened Friday April 21,2000, 4:00pm, one day early… one other thing, shortly after installation as I stood with Reverand Canton at the alter gazing up at the window she said, "Do you realize what day this is?" I looked at her inquisitively and she said, "The day Jesus carried his cross". The hair on my arms began to lift and after a moment I said, Everything happens the way it is supposed to".

I am not a religious person but… now I can sleep.


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