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Stones for St. Matthew's

It is 11:55 P.M. Good Friday, April 21, 2000 and I realize if I don't write down this story I really won't sleep. You know, sometimes Magic happens… Coming into my Studio was someone who, as I didn't know at the time, was a fellow parishioner at St. Matthews: Eric Lumley. I had built a window for Eric and his wife Margaret some time ago. He produced a small colourful print of a Celtic Cross. "Can you build it?" "How large?" "Four feet square on the diamond." Not only could I build it, it spoke to me.

Leona Pritchard with stones from WalesThe work began six weeks ago, I would try to complete it for Easter Sunday. Installation date: Saturday the 22 April the day before. Two weeks into the project I realized the window wasn't a complete Celt, not even with its 1200 pieces being built by a Welsh Celt. This is when a 3:00 am waking dream caught my attention. Of course!, I needed something from Wales. Something, part of the earth – stones for mounting into each of the four spokes of the cross.

At 8:00 am waking the thought was still with me. I arrived at the Namao Store, which is a wonderful community in itself, on my way to the Glass Studio and voiced that I needed stones from Wales. An odd statement at best. But a voice came back, Lois Wood, who I hardly knew, had a cousin-in-law in Wales. She would get his number for me.

Three days of sorting numbers and I was through to Alan Glass – a very appropriate surname for my mission. He lives in Oxwich, Gower, Wales. I spoke to him of my desire and he responded very positively.

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