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Statement & Biography

It all started with a lump of clay in my Grade 2 Art Class at Wellington School, Montreal, Quebec. I believe in our formative years if given the right center points we can evolve into what our personal gifts and character have predestined. My lump of clay became a miniature table and chair set to the delight of my teacher.

Hudson High School, Hudson, Quebec brought my Art teacher, Mr. Evans, another lump of clay and Impressionist painting. He was an ExPat Englishman, whose encouragement I am forever grateful for.

Along came my twenties and a train to western Canada, where I settled. On this train, I met a young American man named Gavin Nieve who was seeking his future on the Pro Golf circuit. He spoke of his mother who built Stained Glass Windows in New England. We never kept in contact but what he left with me was a seed which would take another nine years to sow.

I was trained for the world of business but along that nine year stretch I kept my hand in assorted arts, pottery and weaving, but nothing filled my artistic appetite.

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